Community Partners

VegFest Calgary’s massive success can be attributed to its truly collaborative and reciprocal model. VFC works closely with community agencies, individuals, and volunteers to develop creative projects, activities, and gatherings.


Community natural foods

Our favourite grocer in the city, CNF is one of VegFest Calgary’s biggest sponsors! Since 1977, Community Natural Foods has been at the heart of Calgary's natural and organic food movement. Having been the first grocer in Calgary to go single-use plastic grocery bag free and the first grocer to no longer sell single servings of water in plastic bottles, Community Natural Foods has paved the way for sustainable initiatives in the grocery industry.

A seed of change

A Seed of Change is a Canadian non-profit organization that provides grants to other non-profits and emerging organizations that promote animal rights advocacy, environment and sustainability, children’s rights and education, and health & well-being.  In October 2018 VegFest Calgary received a generous $2,500.00 grant from A Seed of Change, and we are grateful to be able to use this funding to partially cover the cost of our speaker fees.  Grants like this are what help make VegFest Calgary such a unique and exciting festival- we are very proud of this partnership!

Cold garden

Cold Garden Beverage Company is a Calgary-based microbrewery. A love of craft beer and a passing comment in a university classroom planted the idea years ago and the concept has been growing ever since. The brewery has put down roots in the vibrant community of Inglewood, hoping to breathe new life into what was once the brewing district of Calgary. Cold Garden brings a casual and eclectic vibe to the community, along with a lineup of traditional and more...eccentric beers. 

Courtney & Kevin

We owe so much to our friends at CTV, Courtney Ketchen and Kevin Stanfield. Thanks for volunteering to emcee the entire time during our big day!

Raw eatery and market

This local restaurant is the official headquarters of VegFest Calgary! Raw has opened its doors to welcome meetings that extend past business hours, hosted movie screenings, and been a hub for volunteer pick-ups and drop-offs.

calgary vegan

This local initiative provides up-to-date and detailed information about Calgary’s vegan scene. Our partnership with Calgary Vegan produced the city’s first all-vegan pancake breakfast (“Get Stacked”), and movie screening of the Canadian Film The Age of Beasts. We look forward to even more exciting events!


Manish Bindal has been instrumental in providing legal advice and guidance to VegFest. We are honoured to have this community leader on our team-with his help, we became an official non-profit society!

CAlgary animal rights efforts

Calgary Animal Rights Effort is an important local group that consistently ensures that activists have a presence in Calgary. In addition to organizing street protests, CARE finds innovative ways to engage the public with vegan outreach and education. CARE was also involved in the pancake breakfast, as well as our annual candlelight vigils to honour animals (“Get Lit”).

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