Intersectional Vegan Resources

This Resource list was assembled by Dr. Meneka Repka. PhD in Education

The term “intersectionality” was first popularized by Kimberle Crenshaw in her article Mapping the Margins: Intersectionality, Identity Politics, and Violence against Women of Color. In brief, Crenshaw argued that black women occupy a unique position of oppression because they experience both the oppressions of woman and they oppression of being black. Over time, the term “intersectionality” has come to mean much more- in a basic sense, it refers to the idea that oppression is not singular, but rather interconnected and related to large power structures (like government, the media, the prison-industrial complex, the animal-industrial complex, etc). Intersectional VEGANISM (again, briefly) means recognizing the links between speciesism and human oppressions- basically, advocating for veganism without being discriminatory to humans. Intersectional veganism does not tolerate sentiments that are unwelcoming of or discriminatory towards any oppressed group (women, gender and sexual minorities, racialized minorities, the disability rights community, body shaming/ fat shaming etc).

Check out Kimberle’s landmark article!

WEBSITES/ BLOGS  (a great list of VOC)



General veganism + social justice

This talk is a great intro to pro-intersectional veganism- Chris Sebastian Mcjetters

A Comprehensive Intersectional Approach to Vegan Activism - Brenda Sanders

The Foundation of Justice: Veganism and the Animal Rights Movement - Sarah K. Woodcock

Sarah K. Woodcock at People of Color: Animal Rights, Advocacy and Food Justice Conference

Connections between LGBTQ+ issues and veganism

Queering Animal Liberation: Why Animal Rights is a Queer Issue - Christopher-Sebastian McJetters

Watch three videos on how the gender binary hurts animals from The Privileged Vegan

Connections between Disability and veganism

How ableism hurts animals - The Privileged Vegan

Connections between Race and veganism

Chris Sebastian- black and animal liberation

Zarna Joshi- colonization and veganism

Indigenous veganism: Feminist Natives do eat tofu - Margaret Robinson

Connections between Feminism and veganism

Is veganism a feminist issue?

Why loving animals is not enough - A feminist Critique

To learn more about feminism in general, marinashutup is a great channel to follow.

Classism and accessibility

Being vegan is so easy and cheap cuz - A Privileged Vegan

What is a food desert and why should we care?

Anti-Capitalism and veganism

Neoliberalism has brainwashed how we see ourselves - A Privileged Vegan

Will we see a vegan world under capitalism? - A Privileged Vegan


These are two experts who discuss veganism without fat-shaming:

This issue of TOFU magazine on eating disorders (free):

Also on eating disorders + veganism

Going Vegan with an Eating Disorder - A Privileged Vegan Ft. Nichole


Invisible Vegan - Coming soon, trailer here


Why “voiceless” is problematic


  • Veganism in an Oppressive World (Julia Feliz)

  • Sistah Vegan: Black Female Vegans Speak on Food, Identity, Health, and Society (A. Breeze Harper)

  • Beasts of Burden (Sanura Taylor)

  • Aphro-ism (Aph and Syl Ko)

  • Dangerous Crossings: Race, Species, and Nature in a Multicultural Age (Claire Jean Kim)

  • The Sexual Politics of Meat by Carol Adams (feminism + veganism)

  • Sister Species by Lisa Kemmerer (feminism + veganism)

  • Women, Destruction, and the Avant-garde by Kim Socha (feminism + veganism)